Message from Dr. Hugo Keim:

Dear Students and Friends of the ChairScholars Foundation:

Alicia and I have been sending students with serious physical challenges, from across the U.S. to colleges and trade schools for the past 26 years. We now have helped educate 974 students!

As I approach age 82, we will be accepting new students at two Universities only. Please read the information below about Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and the University of Tampa, in Florida.

We will continue to fund all current students enrolled in the ChairScholars program until they graduate.

New students who wish to apply for a scholarship should apply to the two Universities listed below.

You can reach us at:

ChairScholars Foundation
16101 Carencia Lane
Odessa, FL 33556

I am always happy to be of help and you can phone me on my cell at: 813-391-1003

For more information please check our e-mail:


#1: The student must be accepted by that school and meet the entrance and scholarship requirements.

#2: The student must move to that State and school and live on campus.

The two Universities are:

Edinboro University in Northern Pennsylvania. This State school has about 8,000 students of which at least 200 have serious physical challenges. In fact, Edinboro has a dormitory specifically built for wheel-chair students and it is located on campus. Edinboro has a great record of being a school with high standards and is one of the very best facilities in the Nation to help students with disabilities. However, as noted, you must first be accepted as a student there and you will need to be accepted into the scholarship program for students with physical challenges. You will be able to apply for a scholarship but it will not cover all of your expenses for housing and tuition. You can locate much information about Edinboro University on the web.

The second University is the University of Tampa in Florida. This is an excellent school with high standards which must be met for acceptance. The same stipulations apply to this fine University and you can also obtain a great deal of information from their website. Alicia and I wish we were still able to administer scholarships on our own but we are funding both of these great Universities and know that students accepted will receive a superior education.

You can still reach me on my cell phone at 813-391-1003, Eastern Time zone, if necessary.

Sincerely, Hugo A. Keim, M.D. and Alicia B. Keim